How Enrow is the best ContactOut Alternative?

ContactOut is an email finder tool whose very high price is not justified by its efficiency. Let’s explore why Enrow is a better alternative to improve your email finding rate.

Enrow vs ContactOut: the comparison




Pricing range

$0.029 to $0.0039

From $0.19

Pricing model

Pay per verified email

Pay per verified email

Company data



Free trial

25 credits once

4 credits/day

Credits roll over


Email finder


Company data

Catch-all bypass

File personalization

Bulk searches



Type of mailbox

Professional only


Type of email addresses

Nominative only


Input file format




Name cleaning

Name correction




France only

Legal data

Financial data



#1 Reason

ContactOut vs Enrow: the price

Enrow is way less expensive than ContactOut, with advanced features for a more effective email search and customer support that's always ready to help. What else?

Unlike ContactOut's pay-per-search, Enrow ensures you pay only for the emails you successfully find, making your business's growth more manageable cost-wise.

Find more information on our pricing page.

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#2 Reason

ContactOut vs Enrow: the efficiency

Unlike ContactOut, Enrow comes from the minds of experienced cold email professionals. Our knowledge of email and data enrichment is second to none.

Enrow excels with its catch-all bypass, making it the most effective email finder, obtaining 20-30% more emails than ContactOut.

Unlike ContactOut, our email enrichment algorithm navigates through dozens of parameters and continuously adapts to maximize email find rates.

#3 Reason

ContactOut vs Enrow: features to help you raise your email finding rate

The importance of an email finder in securing a multitude of valid and verified emails is undeniable, but its advantages continue beyond that.

Our expertise and data analysis reveals that to improve your enrichment rate and productivity, functionalities like geo-targeting, in-depth business information, and file customization are vital, something ContactOut does not offer.

Therefore, unlike ContactOut, we have integrated account geolocation to better target local businesses, companies with identical naming, and international branches.

Moreover, you can tailor your files by altering columns and formats and incorporating legal and financial data about your target companies.

show all the features enrow have and competiotrs have not

#4 Reason

ContactOut vs Enrow: make up your own mind

The best option remains to try Enrow and see how it works to raise your email finding rate. We’re pretty confident 💪.

Unlike ContactOut, if you sign up and choose a plan, you will get a 20% discount during the first 30 days (for every monthly plan). Please add the promotional code VS20.

We also offer custom pricing plans for companies that need more than 100k emails per month. ContactOut seems to offer enterprise plans as well.

Enrow stands out in Sales Tech with unmatched discovery rates and minimal bounce rates. It uniquely charges for successful email finds and offers refunds otherwise, making it a customer-centric innovation.”

Niels Cohen